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Srividyalaya (The Abode of Auspicious Wisdom) offers a systematic and on-going curriculum of internet-based courses.  Our goal is to advance our appreciation of the history, interpretation and practices of yoga as it originated in India, as it has developed in the west and as it is relevant to our lives.

In the Srividyalaya Courses you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga philosophy and the spiritual practices of yoga to any level you seek.  Whether you are starting with the essentials or have years of personal study and practice, Srividyalaya is designed to illumine, inspire and nourish your experience as a yogin by bringing you directly and deeply into the conversations of tradition, practice and understanding.

For over a decade Dr. Douglas Brooks has been committed to teaching with authenticity and honesty the history of Indian philosophy, yoga and particularly the complex traditions of Tantra.  Srividyalaya represents a new kind of learning experience, a spiritual university on-line, dedicated to extending that process of learning by offering a systematic and ongoing curriculum of courses. 

Our vision is rooted, as the yoga traditions have always been, within a spiritual lineage.  Douglas has been studying yoga, Indian philosophy and the traditions of Hindu Tantra for more than thirty years.  Douglas first travelled to India in 1977.  There he met Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoorthy, whom we fondly call by the Tamil “Appa” for “father.”  Over the next sixteen years living with Appa and his family in south India they studied the great breadth of classical Indian culture in the Sanskrit and Tamil traditions.  Their focus was the teachings and practices of the goddess-centered Tantra called Srividya Shakta Tantra in the lineage tradition called Rajanaka Yoga.  Rajanaka Yoga is a living tradition of insight, meditation, ritual and the relevant application of yoga teachings to our lives.  Appa was a Professor of Sanskrit in addition to being a master of the practices of Tantra, Srividya and south Indian traditions linked to Kashmir Saivism.  During his years studying with Appa, Douglas completed Masters degrees as well as his Ph. D. from Harvard University’s Center for the Study of World Religions.  Douglas currently holds a professorship at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, where he has taught since 1986.  He began to teach yoga philosophies and practices publicly in the early 1990s and has collaborated closely with John Friend the founder of Anusara Yoga.

Rajanaka Yoga affirms that freedom is our essential nature and that the dignity and value of real diversity is the highest expression of yoga; we are educators not merely advocates of our tradition.  We will study yoga history, texts from all traditions and create the opportunity for focused learning at all levels of participation.  We are open to everyone curious to learn the history and practices of yoga. 

In Madurai, Tamil Nadu, south India, Appa founded a primary and secondary school for families of modest means so that they could afford their children a better chance at life.  He called the school “Srividyalaya,” the “abode of auspicious wisdom.”  Teaching in English, students also study Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil as regular courses.  The Srividyalaya Matriculation School, still in our family’s care, prepares students for college in the 21st century and remains true to its founder’s mission to teach the foundations of Indian culture.

We have named our program for advancing education in yoga, Indian philosophy and the practice of Tantra after our school in south India.  A portion of the proceeds from these courses will be donated to the Srividyalaya Matriculation School.

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